NATIONAL LAGARDE – ‘Story Of A Southern Gentleman’

Story Of A Southern Gentleman Genre: Rock | Dark Pop Tracks: 14 Duration: 01:03:49 With a shared admiration of rock n’ roll, murder ballads, secret messages from the guitar and a good story, National Lagarde was formed in 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The membership comprises of Terry Lagarde (guitarist [...]

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Insights Genre: Post Rock/Metal | Atmospheric Rock Tracks: 7 Duration: 00:52:29 In this world full of noise are we still able to hear ourselves? The Distant Landscape project is the brainchild of Marco Spiridigliozzi, to express, with total honesty, feelings that until now, were hidden. Insights, the first album from [...]

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MEXICAN CHILI FUNERAL PARTY – ‘Mexican Warriors’ Revenge’

Mexican Warriors’ Revenge Genre: Power Rock | Stoner Rock Tracks: 11 Duration: 00:41:35 Mexican Chili Funeral Party was formed in the summer of 2009 in Milan utilizing influences such as Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Queens of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The four have developed over the years, [...]

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HARRINGTONES – ‘This Is the New Age’

This Is The New Age Genre: Indie | Brit Pop Tracks: 06 Duration: 00:23:43 For those of us who love a bit of sunshine that hearkens back to a great era of British music, then Italian (and no less authentic) group Harringtones should be just the ticket. This Is the [...]

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RUMSPRINGA – ‘The Angels Laid Him Away’

Released November 19th, 2004 on Alternate Records Genre: Alternative Lo-Fi Rock Track Listing: 01. Mississippi Unheard | 02. Folk | 03. Soft Covers | 04. Dicks/Weed | 05. Harmonicats | 06. In Die Tanc Oh | 07. Miss Unheard | 08. BBB | 09. Mississippi John Hurt | 10. Elektro [...]

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EL RAY – ‘Shoot From The Hip’

Released August 17th, 2002 on Alternate Records Genre: Surf Rock Track Listing: 01. Spacecar 2001 | 02. The Plan | 03. Secret Agent Man | 04. Primex | 05. Circus Monkey | 06. The Agent vs. The Mexican | 07. Tornado | 08. The Spider | 09. Stalkin’ The Stalker [...]

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