NEON – ‘Nightwalk Of The Monster’

Nightwalk Of The Monster Genre: Alternative Folk | Jazz Tracks: 04 Duration: 00:16:18 One of Alternate’s more unusual offerings: four consignments through Nordic neo-people who put their feet somewhere between Pia Raug and The Raincoats' expressive, folk influenced post-punk. A quiet and minimalist release with a great deal of space [...]

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S.P.E.C.T.R.E. – ‘The Microfilm Album’

The Microfilm Album Genre: Twang | Movie | Garage | Thrash Tracks: 7 Duration: 00:16:49 To call this release of an album is a bit disingenuous: There are seven relatively short instrumental songs, so it would be fairer to call this an extended ep. With the pace that the Copenhagen [...]

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MOB – ‘And This Was A Good Day’

Released November 4th, 1999 on Alternate Records Genre: Noise Rock | Alternative Track Listing: 01. Nothing Yet (pt.1) | 02. Acoustic | 03. Dreams Distorted | 04. Night Comes To Save You | 05. Fake Happiness | 06. Progress | 07. Contre Toi / Noughiphiet | 08. Inhale | 09. [...]

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HARRY LIME – ‘I Know It’s Wrong This Time’

Released March 3rd, 2003 on Alternate Records Genre: Alternative Rock Band line-up: Marc Alexander (lead vocs, guitar, effects) | Jesper Grud (guitar, backing vocs) | Cecilia Cresso (guitar, keys) | Nikolaj S. Sønder (bass) | Ty Pinkston (drums) Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Alternate

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HARRY LIME – ‘Hey Stupid’

Released October 15th, 1998 on Alternate Records Genre: Alternative Rock Track Listing: 01. Ludo | 02. Hey Stupid | 03. Staccato | 04. Twenty Seconds Later Band line-up: Marc Alexander (lead vocs, guitar, effects) | Michael Lenander Peronard (guitar) | Thomas Platz (bass) | Anders Kisling/Jacob Vetter (drums) Band links: [...]

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