NATIONAL LAGARDE New Single ‘My Baby Don’t Bring It’ – Out Today!

National Lagarde – My Baby Don’t Bring It Format: Online Single Genre: Rock | Dark Pop Get it now from: iTunes & more Listen to My Baby Don’t Bring It on: Spotify New Orleans group National Lagarde return with a brand new swinging single My Baby Don’t Bring It. This is [...]

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NATIONAL LAGARDE Album ‘Story Of A Southern Gentleman’ – Out Today!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Terry Lagarde, Story of a Southern Gentleman has varying influences, there are heavy riffs mixed with a lean towards flamenco, jazz, blues or whatever suits the mood of the songs about paranoia, demons, strange love, and mystical happenings. Take a listen to the sampler below. Read [...]

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DISTANT LANDSCAPE Album ‘Insights’ Review

Artist: Dark Landscape Album: Insights Label: Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records Genre: Atmospheric Rock/Post Rock Metal Opener “Same Mistake” is certainly full of atmosphere, a mildly melancholic vibe kicking things off but I would maybe prefer them to move from the ambient to the slightly rocked up just a little quicker. When [...]

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S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Mini-Album Re-issue ‘The Microfilm Album’

Titles such as The Return of Dr. Seven, The Satellite Affair and The Rooftop Incident strongly suggest what kind of a universe that is at stake here. Listening to S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is like taking a crazy cruise down Route 66 in a pink Cadillac with James Bond behind the wheel and [...]

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DISTANT LANDSCAPE Album ‘Insights’ – Out Today!

Insights, the first album from Distant Landscape, is a sequence of self-analysis, a continuous introspection made from melodies and words, passing from dark, hopeful, melancholic and dreamy atmospheres to bright moments that still have a thin line of nostalgia. Take a listen to the sampler below. Read more about Insights …here [...]

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NATIONAL LAGARDE – ‘Story Of A Southern Gentleman’

Story Of A Southern Gentleman Genre: Rock | Dark Pop Tracks: 14 Duration: 01:03:49 With a shared admiration of rock n’ roll, murder ballads, secret messages from the guitar and a good story, National Lagarde was formed in 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The membership comprises of Terry Lagarde (guitarist [...]

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