DISTANT LANDSCAPE Album ‘Insights’ Review

Artist: Dark Landscape
Album: Insights
Label: Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records
Genre: Atmospheric Rock/Post Rock Metal

Opener “Same Mistake” is certainly full of atmosphere, a mildly melancholic vibe kicking things off but I would maybe prefer them to move from the ambient to the slightly rocked up just a little quicker. When they do the song really expands and it’s all the more satisfying. That said, it is a long track and has space to then go back to the moody yet mellow of the start, beginning to feel a little progressive in outlook if not music.

This already has keeper written all over it. I’m reminded, in general attitude rather than direct comparison, of Solstafir, as this is clearly a band that is happy to take time to build a track, then strip it down again before building once more. Here they do it over and over across the seven songs.

All of the songs sprawl, in a good way, but also have their punchy moments. When they do get on with some rocking the arrangements are imaginative and the end result very cool indeed. They even have time to bring in some female vocals that really add to the moods on show.

This is very accomplished. Perhaps they could break from their undoubtedly successful formula once or twice, but the songs they serve up are consistently good. This is one to savour like fine wine or the best food, and is stuffed with delicious nuances.
by justinhulford