Story Of A Southern Gentleman

Genre: Rock | Dark Pop
Tracks: 14
Duration: 01:03:49

With a shared admiration of rock n’ roll, murder ballads, secret messages from the guitar and a good story, National Lagarde was formed in 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The membership comprises of Terry Lagarde (guitarist and singer), Stuart Smith (drums and percussion) and Jennifer Kirtlan (bassist).

Both Terry and Stuart were born on the Bayou and raised among the creatures native to there. They both enjoyed a raucous time playing in Rik Slave & The Phantoms in the ‘90s, taking them from New Orleans to New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Later, Terry would become Louie Fontaine’s (Starlight Searchers) guitarist for years, enjoying travels to Cairo and spending time recording, playing shows and touring throughout Europe.

Jennifer has played in numerous bands in New Orleans and toured the USA many times over with the Hazard County Girls. Bonding over obscure music and dark tales of the south, Jennifer would often drive down to the Bayou region to learn Terry’s songs and get spooked. They began recording the songs and Terry’s recording knowledge was utilized with ceremonies in different locations, finally culminating in their rehearsal studio in a haunted old hotel in New Orleans.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Terry Lagarde, Story of a Southern Gentleman is a result of these gatherings. With varying influences, there are heavy riffs mixed with a lean towards flamenco, jazz, blues or whatever suits the mood of the songs about paranoia, demons, strange love, and mystical happenings. National Lagarde has enjoyed the stage with diverse bands such as Chicken Snake, The Quaalords, DiNola, Honky and The Dictators NYC.

Story Of A Southern Gentleman | Released via Alternate Records/Sliptrick Records on June 6th

Track Listing:
01. El Toro | 02. I’m Going To Get You | 03. Black Tone Baptism | 04. Story Of A Southern Gentleman | 05. Down One More Day | 06. River | 07. Don’t Let Them In | 08. Strange Love | 09. My Love | 10. Santeria Dance | 11. Heavens On Fire | 12. Mud | 13. Goin’ Out West | [?] Listen Here Baby

National Lagarde are:
Terry Lagarde – Vocals/Guitar | Stuart Smith – Drums | Jennifer Kirtlan – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | On Alternate