Nightwalk Of The Monster

Genre: Alternative Folk | Jazz
Tracks: 04
Duration: 00:16:18

One of Alternate’s more unusual offerings: four consignments through Nordic neo-people who put their feet somewhere between Pia Raug and The Raincoats’ expressive, folk influenced post-punk. A quiet and minimalist release with a great deal of space and lots of nice details – not least because very few instruments sound as good in themselves as the double bass, cello and guitar.

With Karen Gramkow and Annette Bergmann – the two female vocalists and multi-instrumentalists who make up Neon – the mood often strays between euphoria and horror, normality and madness or little-girl-like innocence to punk attack. These abrupt shifts in sentiment also mean that it takes time to get used Neons rather unique and overwhelming style. After that, it’s easy to be captivated by Nightwalk of the Monster.

Nightwalk Of The Monster | Released October 20th, 2001 on Alternate Records

Track Listing:
01. Nightwalk | 02. What A Shame | 03. Out (Of My Hands) | 04. From Town To Town

Band line-up:
Annette Bergmann – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica | Karen Gramkow – double bass, vocals, percussion

Band links: On Alternate