NATIONAL LAGARDE New Single ‘My Baby Don’t Bring It’ – Out Today!

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National Lagarde – My Baby Don’t Bring It Format: Online Single Genre: Rock | Dark Pop Get it now from: iTunes & more Listen to My Baby Don’t Bring It on: Spotify New Orleans group National [...]

NATIONAL LAGARDE New Official Video For ‘Don’t Let Them In’

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National Lagarde – Don’t Let Them In [Official Video] Taken from the album: Story Of A Southern Gentleman | Alternate Records | 2017 Music, filming and editing by National Lagarde National Lagarde is a rock band [...]

MEXICAN CHILI FUNERAL PARTY Official Video For ‘Vespucci’

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Mexican Chili Funeral Party - Vespucci [Official Video] Taken from the album: Mexican Warriors’ Revenge | Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records | 2017 Thanks to: Davide Fois | Daniele Cereda | Birrificio Hibu | Alessandro Muscillo | [...]

Stay Tuned For The Upcoming Video Release By MEXICAN CHILI FUNERAL PARTY

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We're expecting the new video from Italian Power/Stoner Rock group Mexican Chili Funeral Party to drop in the coming days. It will feature a track from their recent album release Mexican Warriors’ Revenge. It's going [...]

NATIONAL LAGARDE Album ‘Story Of A Southern Gentleman’ – Out Today!

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Terry Lagarde, Story of a Southern Gentleman has varying influences, there are heavy riffs mixed with a lean towards flamenco, jazz, blues or whatever suits the mood of the songs about [...]

DISTANT LANDSCAPE Album ‘Insights’ Review

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Artist: Dark Landscape Album: Insights Label: Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records Genre: Atmospheric Rock/Post Rock Metal Opener “Same Mistake” is certainly full of atmosphere, a mildly melancholic vibe kicking things off but I would maybe prefer them [...]