Alku dunu troksnis

Genre: Art Rock | Prog | Psychedelic
Tracks: 06
Duration: 00:23:43

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Track Listing:
01. VII | 02. Alku dunu troksnis | 03. ДЕНЬГИ I | 04. Dzelme | 05. ДЕНЬГИ II| 06. Polārnakts

Grupa Harijs have released their second album Alku Dunu Troksnis. And what can you expect? Well, in comparison to their first album, they have added a drummer (Salvis Mass) to their ranks …so that’s cool. Also extending the line-up is a saxophone player (Katrīne Sabīne Kalniņa). This has allowed Grupa Harijs to experiment with progrock time changes, brass solos, as well as opening up possibilities for more guitar and synth heavy riff writing …read more

Alku dunu troksnis | Released July 10th, 2021 on Alternate Records

Grupa Harijs are:
Marks Jonatans Runds – Electric Guitar/Synth | Harijs Ločmelis – Vocals/Trumpet | Rūdolfs Turnelis – Bass | Roberts Lanka – Electric Guitar/Synth | Laima Grasmane – Vocals | Vita Liepiņa – Vocals | Salvis Mass – Drums/Percussion | Katrīne Sabīne Kalniņa – Flute/Sax

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