A Fine Review For The Latest Album Of MEXICAN CHILI FUNERAL PARTY

This is an English translation of a recent review (originally in Italian) for the album Mexican Warriors’ Revenge for the online magazine MetalEyes IYE.

Mexican Warriors’ Revenge | Released Feb 15th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records

I wonder if, in a few decades, these first years of the new millennium will be remembered as the return of vintage sounds and old school. What is certain is that in metal, as well as in rock, high quality makes up for the many outputs, they are bringing our favorite music to a new challenge.

Who will be right? Those who argue that there is no future for rock but only a present to live day after day, year after year, or those who have already attended the cremation of the patient, for years the terminal and died in the mists of Seattle or the deserts of Sky Valley ?

As always, the truth lies somewhere in between, and so, in the face of the economic downturn which inevitably touches the music, you keep talking about rock, maybe old school, out of tune or drugged by the blues but still the music of the devil, because it’s still alive and burning in the chest of fans of all ages. Ok, I have dwelt perhaps too much on this subject, but a clarification was made, because I’m here with the top yet another album, the wild and beautiful Mexican Warriors’ Revenge, the new work from Mexican Chili Funeral Party.

The five rockers have been more or less active since 2009, at least since they transformed their land into a very hot and arid desert, and from there left for a trip that made them travel through the twentieth rock century, before releasing the EP The Ballad of Korkovihor in 2010. They continued with their first self-titled full length three years ago, and now with this beautiful second output for Sliptrick Records.

Hard rock, stoner and psychedelia, all united by a vintage spirit that brings them closer to the giants, but with an overflowing personality, so much so that the band is not afraid to bring together the dinosaurs, the great rock bands that were formed in one the decades most prolific for contemporary music (for this writer the most prolific ever), the nineties.

Mexican Chili Funeral Party go on a lurching trip to Led Zeppelin, through The Doors (the cover of the classic Waiting For The Sun is beautiful), Kiss and Queens of the Stone Age, with a dash of grunge and hints of funk rock that give a musical meaning to the word “chili” which is proudly displayed in moniker.

The first part focuses on the hard rock tune with a series of songs that are thinking about what will happen next (Vespucci, Power Of Love), but the cover of Waiting For The Sun is a pure stoner, psychedelic trip, with Sabbath via Curt agitated by a Zeppelin style guitar in overdose. Mexican Warriors’ Revenge is a beautiful album, intense, wild and primal: this is rock, the rest is just talk.


Track Listing:
01. 01 | 02. Vespucci | 03. Power Of Love | 04. La Ballata Del Korkovihor Pt. II | 05. Ranger | 06. Waiting For The Sun | 07. 1605 | 08.Lu Curt | 09. Tomahawk | 10. 11 | 11. Seul B

Mexican Chili Funeral Party are:
Alessio Capatti – Vocals, guitar | Andrea Bressa – Guitar | Mr.Diniz – Guitar, synth | Andrea Rastelli – Drums | Carlo Perego – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Spotify | On Alternate