The Microfilm Album

Genre: Twang | Movie | Garage | Thrash
Tracks: 7
Duration: 00:16:49

To call this release of an album is a bit disingenuous: There are seven relatively short instrumental songs, so it would be fairer to call this an extended ep. With the pace that the Copenhagen group arrives here, it is also an almost perfect dose of music. Had The Microfilm Album lasted 10 minutes longer, it would probably have been released with a warning label from the Heart Foundation on the cover.

Titles such as The Return of Dr. Seven, The Satellite Affair and The Rooftop Incident strongly suggest what kind of a universe that is at stake here. Listening to S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is like taking a crazy cruise down Route 66 in a pink Cadillac with James Bond behind the wheel and a mad scientist at his side. The Microfilm Album thus offers infernal but stylish cutter rock, in parts drawing on surf punk in Tremolo Beer Gut style and malicious thrash metal referencing Anthrax and Slayer. the tracks Include growls, B-torn-film samples and gangster-like keyboard melodies. All this glues together in a tasty hotchpotch of eccentric breaks and abrupt tempo changes. The, just before you feel it might be getting too much, it’s gone. All bang, no whimper!

The Microfilm Album | Released November 10th, 2001 on Alternate Records

Track Listing:
01. Operation S.I.S (S.P.E.C.T.R.E. In Space) | 02. The Satellite Affair | 03. The Underwater Lab | 04. Car Chase | 05. House Search | 06. The Rooftop Incident | 07. The Return Of Dr. Seven (Theme From)

Band line-up:
Manoj Ramdas – guitar, vocals | Mikkel Jakobsen – keyboards, guitar, vocals | Ty Pinkston – drums, percussion, vocals | Janus Poulsen – bass

Band links: On Alternate