DISTANT LANDSCAPE Album ‘Insights’ Review

Artist: Dark Landscape Album: Insights Label: Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records Genre: Atmospheric Rock/Post Rock Metal Opener “Same Mistake” is certainly full of atmosphere, a mildly melancholic vibe kicking things off but I would maybe prefer them to move from the ambient to the slightly rocked up just a little quicker. When [...]

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DISTANT LANDSCAPE Album ‘Insights’ – Out Today!

Insights, the first album from Distant Landscape, is a sequence of self-analysis, a continuous introspection made from melodies and words, passing from dark, hopeful, melancholic and dreamy atmospheres to bright moments that still have a thin line of nostalgia. Take a listen to the sampler below. Read more about Insights …here [...]

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Insights Genre: Post Rock/Metal | Atmospheric Rock Tracks: 7 Duration: 00:52:29 In this world full of noise are we still able to hear ourselves? The Distant Landscape project is the brainchild of Marco Spiridigliozzi, to express, with total honesty, feelings that until now, were hidden. Insights, the first album from [...]

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DISTANT LANDSCAPE Lyrics Video Released For ‘The Desire’

Distant Landscape – The Desire (Lyrics Video) Taken from the album Insights | Sliptrick Records/Alternate Records | 2017 Video Lyrics created by Adhiira Art The Desire is the first single extract from the forthcoming album Insights by Distant Landscape. It's a beautiful, melodic, sweeping track full of discordant guitar, layered vocals [...]

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