COLUMN Album Re-issue ‘Centipede’ – Available now!

Alternate Records have just re-issued the one and only album from Danish industrial alternative band Column. The original version of Centipede was released in 2002 and was proclaimed one of the albums of the year for Denmark by top music magazines such as Gaffa and Geiger.

For the first time, we’re making the album available in digital download format across all the major online shops and you can read all about the album release and listen to samples of the tracks …here

Centipede | Original release November 27th, 2002 on Alternate Records

Track Listing:
01. Piece Of Glass | 02. I See Your Head | 03. Bias | 04. Lullaby | 05. Second Son | 06. Carbon Hill | 07. Trash Boy | 08. The Blackout | 09. Mother

Band line-up:
Janine Neble (lead vocals) | Nino Orio (vocals, guitar, effects) | Flemming Davidsen (keyboards, programming)

Band Links: On Alternate